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Silk Road Acrobats: Arts and Lectures Series
DateFriday February 14, 2014 7:00 PM
Contact Cate Arroe

Location: Williams Auditorium

The Silk Acrobats from China were founded in 2004 as a source for high quality, authentic and affordable cultural entertainment.  The choreography is a fusion of traditional acrobatics and modern dance, giving freshness to the performances. The music is a balance of hard/soft, exciting/calm, strong/weak - emulating the Yin Yang (Dark / Light and Female / Male) interpretation of the Chinese culture.  The show is a high energy, tinged with danger, action-packed never-to-be-forgotten extravaganza that has audiences of all ages at the edge of their seats.

Vignettes can include: Hoop Diving, Plate Spinning, Candelabra Contortion, Happy Chef, Hula Hoop Contortion, Straw Hat Juggling, Handkerchief Spinning, Pole Diving